July 03, 2004


Joe MacKay

I have yet to find someone in the military who is actually in favor of a draft. I'm in the Navy and have spoken to a great number of people and not one says we need one. WE already have housing issues with volunteers as well as funding issues for basic needs. The call for the draft is to not actually fight a war but to try and prevent it. Ridiculous. We have an extremely professional military why screw it up with people who will not want to be there. I'm telling you, this draft thing is part of Kerry's plan to add 10 million new jobs!!


I had a post I was really proud of about this subject (http://gmapalumni.org/chapomatic/index.php?p=152 ), that sorta hits the same buttons...

Tom Maguire

Hmm, you didn't like the article, did you?

I am in roughly 99% agreement with you, and you made some arguments I wish I had thought of. However, the NY Times search function is very tricky - simply putting words separated by "and", as you did, seems to prompt it to return everything under the sun. If you try "military +draft" you slim down to 188 hits in the last month. Unfortunately, one of the first is a report on a draft version of the Democratic Party platform. Troubling.

The Times did run this guest op-ed, which I remembered; I haven't actually tried searching for other examples, since I have already found one more in the pages of the Times than their own reporter was able to unearht when he cited examples of journalistic interest.

Have a great weekend.


Two things. We had a military force faaaaaar larger than the one today that was an all voluteer force before the purges of the mid-nineties. Oops, I mean the peace dividend reductions in force. Also, it would cost just as much to enlarge the military with a draft as it would with an all-volunteer force. That is unless you intend to gut the military by heavily cutting the pay and benefits so the resemble the draft military of yore.



Millenial Teens Show Interest In Voting

"It's important to us. What happens in this election is going to affect our generation," says 18-year-old Katie Brew, who filled out a registration form shortly before graduating from Verona High School, just outside Madison.

About to head to the University of Nebraska for her freshman year, Brew is most worried about the potential for a draft."



Much appreciate the hint about the "+.+ That's been making me a little crazy, I must admit. But even with that trick, 188 returns indicates some pretty serious activity.


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