April 11, 2004


Theodopoulos Pherecydes

Also amusing is to read the Al Jazeera account of the PDB release alongside the Reuters, AP, Washington Post and LA Times stories on the same subject. Almost identical spin.

I swear to God, sedition/betrayal/treason was far more nuanced during the Viet Nam War.

Ron Hardin

The Washington Post survives by selling papers; journalism professors have tenure and sell something else. Nevertheless, the ideal is what papers pretend to sell; but that's to flatter their audience (``you are interested in objective facts''), not to succeed or fail in delivering the ideal. They succeed by selling. Objective facts do not sell.

It's an audience failing more than a newspaper failing.

But then look at journalism professor audiences : young and idealistic, just what you grow out of as you age. Would a cynicism major sell? I don't think so.

So you find journalism courses that don't come anywhere near the reality of journalism, for one audience; and actual journalism that doesn't come near what it pretends to aim at, for another audience.

The aim of improving public discourse perhaps is served by ridicule here. Outrage won't go far.

The need in a democracy is to show how to respond to inevitable failures and compromises of yourself, otherwise than through cynicism, because failures are certain.


Keep in mind -- I'm not a journalism professor!


Well, as far as I know, the article writers aren't the ones writing the headlines.

Don't you think it would be a good idea to get on these guys and find out WHO they have that writes the headlines?


http://search.cnn.com/search?query=increase%20site%3Aru-new.com&type=web&sortBy=date&intl=false >139
http://search.cnn.com/search?query=equity%20site%3Aru-new.com&type=web&sortBy=date&intl=false >68
http://search.cnn.com/search?query=today%20site%3Aru-new.com&type=web&sortBy=date&intl=false >46

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