March 24, 2004


Bryon Gill

This explanation would have been more useful when he was actually a public official. The snark in me wants to ask "why does he bring it up now in an election season..." but I know that's just stooping to the administration's level.

Look, first of all the subject was changed when Maher was mentioned. Second, it wasn't hard to find Fleischer's statement ominous in the "with us or against us" mindset of the days immediately following 9/11. What do you suppose the punishment for saying "The Bushes must truly love the poor -- they've made so many of us" is?



I realize there is a valid issue there, but I still think people have gone out of there way to mischaracterize the nature of the remark. It all depends on where you begin the quote. And while I think the issue here is valid I don't think its nearly the same as what people who have used the quote have suggested is coming.

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That's a common problem on the administrative scene but it haves a really easy solution ya know.

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