March 04, 2004


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» Other Voices on 911 Ads from PoliBlog
Others who have commented on the 911 issue as it pertains to the Bush-Kerry fight include: Mark the Pundit, James Joyner, the Rooftop Report, the New England Republican, the King of Fools, Jen, and the Rantingprofs. (To name a few)... [Read More]

» Anger over Bush Commercials from The American Mind
Some families of Sep. 11th victims as well as Democrats are upset that President Bush used some clips of Ground [Read More]

» http://jackalopepursuivant.typepad.com/jackalopepursuivant/2004/03/i_commented_yes.html from Jackalope Pursuivant
I commented yesterday on the new Bush ads. Nice timing, because today the press started the kerfluffle about 9/11 images in the Bush ads. Which, as Rantingprofs points out, were actually Ground Zero images. I could comment further on the [Read More]

» Bush Ad Brouhaha from Citizen Smash - The Indepundit
SOME REACTIONS to the media firestorm over the first round of Bush campaign advertisements, released yesterday. Joe Gandelman, a twenty-year... [Read More]

» Vote Silly in '04 from Mudville Gazette
Hugh Hewitt sums up rather nicely: There are two Americas. And the silly America is rising up today (as they do each and every day) in righteous outrage and indignation. The silly America that held candlelight vigils after 911 and... [Read More]